California FORCED Water Fluoridation

On August 24th 2004, the California State Senate voted to FORCIBLY require to State of California to fluoridate its water.

The California State Legislature used all of the tricks in the book to prevent public participation and assure information was not available to legislators in their decision making that will likely, and is intended to, effect what 35 million Californians will eat and drink for the rest of their lives, as well as who will pay for it, and who will defend this coercive action.

As reported, the California State Senate voted 31 to 3 to support the Gut and Amend Senate Bill 96 that was just railroaded through the Assembly with waivers of the required 30 days for public review, and waivers of public notice, so that interested parties could not participate and respond.

The news paper stories did not mention that opposition from everyone but the Sierra Club went unreported in the analyses on the official web sites provided by the Senate and Assembly, until August 28, 2004, after the Bill had cleared both houses, despite timely written submissions, and even oral testimony.

This makes it very convenient to avoid reporting on what basis opposition was submitted, and as you will notice, not one of the groups of citizens that enacted their own initiative ordinances to protect the "bait and switch" from what the general public believes is toothpaste grade substances to untested, unapproved industrial grade substances that contain significant concentrations of lead and arsenic, were contacted by the media, or represented in the analyses presented to legislators.

There was no intention for full disclosure, full review, or full public participation in this "Gut and Amend", "hide-and-seek", "waiver-of-all-public-notice" legislative process.

Despite the repetition of news articles that point to the bill's effect on San Diego, the language is expressly created to halt ALL local water quality control, even trumping local regulations restricting contaminated products from being used to treat local water supplies.

A full-on statewide campaign is now underway to immediately inform Governor Schwarzenegger of your disgust for this backroom legislative process. As it is essential to not only preserve the quality of your water, but to preserve a semblance of the pursuit of participative legislative democracy.

Contact Governor Schwarzenegger and URGE him to STOP ALL Fluoridation of California's Water Supply:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, California 95814
Phone #: 1.916.445.2841
Fax #: 1.916.445.4633
or see:


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